Online Data Storage – This features helps you to stores all the correspondence and catalogue against the tenant and property, which gives you your documents all over the world.

Reliable Accounting – It helps you to manage your rental deposit, rental receipt, bond and various other data, with the ease and flexibility of automatic bank downloads, while running one or more trust accounts within the same system.

Critical Dates Manager- It manages your daily workflow by utilising the pre – set reminders based on the upcoming event whether happening or not.

Accessibility and mobility – our accessible and targeted mobile applications combine together to enables complete ingress to our solutions 24 x 7. It is accessible from any location and any device

Robust business intelligence: Our robust and business Intelligence products help you to assimilate your huge amount of business-critical data on a single platform. Thus allow you to achieve desired productivity through efficient business intelligence. -

Easy to use : It has easy to use graphical user interface that allows even a layman user to use it like a professional in one go.

Our vivid products are

• Retail Sales and Inventory Management Software with database
• Real Estate and Property Management Software with database and online connectivity
• Employee Information and Payroll Management
• Retail Sales and Progress Tracking Management
• Inventory Management and Purchase Order Request
• Customer Relations Management

Card Solution

We live in technology dominated environment. We are in the world where things are available on a single click or swipe. There is plenitude of information floating around us.

In order to make life smoother and easer we need a tool which transfers and exchanges information securely and seamlessly.

That’s where we come into picture. Expand Infotech are leaders in the "next generation" of Smart Cards, Plastic Cards, RFID Tags, Card Printers, Access Control Systems and IT and software related solutions.We designs and delivers technology-rich solutions. With insightful understanding of the markets we turn up as leaders through excellent quality and innovation. Industry inclusive approach gives us power to quickly understand customer needs and design hi-tech efficient and cost effective innovative solutions to meet those needs.

a. Radio Frequency Identification Card
b. Smart Card Solution Providers
c. Smart Card Application
d. Computer Software Club Membership
e. Smart Card Application Software Developers
F. Rfid Solution Providers