privacy policy

Expand Infotech Privacy Policy as Per I.T.Act, 2000

Though we offer expert solutions for mobility, web and enterprise, locally and globally, we understand the importance of privacy and cyber security for any individual or enterprise. Our privacy provisions are meant to provide visitors a true account of structure included in the company’s website. This Policy describes how we treat user information we collect Expand Infotech website and our expectation for any visitor on our website.

Simultaneously, Expand Infotech doesn’t entertain any issue related to any other third party link (that direct to other sites) under our ambit. You are monitored under our rules and regulation of privacy policy, the moment you submit your personal information. Incase you disagree our policy we expect you must not further use the site.

The privacy policy is inclusive of the following

  • Type of information has been gathered from the website

  • Is there any use and disclose of personal data

  • Forcefully Pulling Our Services

  • Safety

  • The Information that is gathered from the Website

    Personal information- Any user who chooses to pay visits on our website, further shares his vital information for particular services, then the transmission, disclosure to other parties must be within the stipulated guidelines. To add it further if any visitor isn’t looking for anything specific, then he/she is not required to enter any sort of information.

    Usage and Reveal of information- Expand Infotech is not at all involve in selling or marketing of the personal information gathered from the website. However, the accumulated personal information can be used and circulated by our marketing team for the voluntarily objectives-

    Data sourcing- We do not gather or follow any personal information of the users from our website except for cookies and IP addresses. In case of any enquiry about the services, you will be required to submit information on the website. The cookies and IP gathered by us is used for the betterment of our services.

    E-mail retention- The E-mails that are being collected by our marketing team is used by us to spread the awareness regarding the our services and offers.

    The usages of cookies- The cookies contain the essence of your web activities and we may use it at some circumstances. Doing so helps us to understand the requirement of the user in better ways and we hold no responsibility over the usage of cookies by the third party websites

    Expand Infotech does not practices any rights for sharing information forcefully over the provided personal details, which says that user have the choice to inform us that you are no longer interested in receiving emails or can unsubscribe from the services provided at our website.

    We have introduced severe as well as rationally adequate principles of technology and fundamental security in order to guard personally exclusive information from misuse and loss. The data collated behind a firewall, has a limited access only to authorized staff. Further, Expand Infotech management shall not be held responsible in any manner for cybercrime related liabilities under I.T.Act,

    By conforming to such laws, We guarantees total care and power over its I.T. and Security structure under sections 43, 43A, 45 & Section 85 of I.T. Act, 2000. By using this site you accept and admit that we shall not be held responsible for any potent security breach. You are agreeing to this under the Provisions of Section 43, 43A and 45 of Information Technology Act 2000 and including any amendments in the mentioned Act.