our process

Endless supply of ideas and never give up attitude are the factor for the excellence we deliver in each of our projects. Excellence is the word which is mandatory in every phase of our project. As a renowned IT company, we maintain the balance among the portfolios, programs and project. Every project coming to us require a unique twist, however the process to undertake the project remains same.

The planning phase - Our business development team is the backbone of our organization. The project cracked by them goes to the planning phase. In this phase we involve everyone related to the process. We set the time and requirements of the project, in short an outline for the project execution is discussed here.

The execution phase The execution phase- Execution of every project is different. Our immense experience and past learning help us to reach the milestone of the project. We consider this phase as the most crucial phase of the project as this is the one- where great ideas are converted into the effects. We understand the role of effective communication so we conduct frequent team meetings and regular status update.

The go-no phase- The go-no-phase decides whether the project is ready for the client handover. In this phase, we actively evaluate the client requirement via profound testing and crosschecks. Once the client's criteria fulfilled, our BD effectively gives the preview of the product to the client. On receiving the go-ahead from the client the project is set for the final deliver.

The Closing Phase-Last hours are the peak time of the deliver; we perform a thorough review of the quality constraints. Also, it is the time when all the money related matters are checked by the account team, once receiving a go-ahead from them handover is given to the client

However the transparency, we maintain in each and every phase helps to strengthen the client-company bond. After completion of every project we document the challenges and learning we received from the project which benefits us in upcoming challenges.