Expand Infitech is a fully unsegregated subscription – based real estate solution. It allows you to manage many facet of your enterprise just through one program. . It allows you to manage many facets of your enterprise just through one program. It helps you to save your time and money. Also, we provide many unique requirements related to property management software. It includes reporting, administration, accounting, communications, transaction, operations and processes. We help you save time and drive operational efficiencies. Whether you need the ability to track revenue and cost by job or the automated financial statement production portfolios, we provide you with both the services. In this technically operating world, our work highly depends and enhances with the new technologies. Many businesses heavily depends on the meticulous computation of the stock to conduct their routine operations. And we with the help of our software provides many solutions to this need.

Our products are based on the idea to fulfill the gap which most of the industries are facing at present. Data accumulation is the major challenge for small to large scale industries .Expand Infotech has launched several products which will smoothen the functioning of such industry. Our products are robust and have the ability to store bulk database at once. Real Estate and Property Management Software with database and online connectivity allows you to access your crucial data from distinct location. While Retail Sales and Progress Tracking Management keep an eagle eye on every progress and loss occurred in your business and thus allows you to take quick measures. On the other hand Employee Information and Payroll Management reduce your burden to keep a track of your resources. It is vital utility for your organization as it eliminates the error in salary calculation as well keep an updated of every employee of your organization.

Inventory Management and Purchase Order Request helps to manage your inventory efficiently. And Customer Relations Management allows you to track each and every detail of your numerous customers and thus gives you a better understanding of your customer.

All of the above utilities are designed with a vision to provide peerless management to your business.

Card Solution :

Card Solution gained the immense popularity because of the convenience they offer in security, identification and access control. They are mostly used by the organization for door access, payment cards, asset management and public transit fare card. Radio Frequency Identification Cards are low in price and has the ability to store the entire information of the user. One of our majestic products is Smart Card Solution- it uses Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technologies to come-up with desired solutions in critical business need. The increased use of smart phones by the people has raise the need for the Smart Card Application, it smoothen all the location based service such as ticket reservation , online banking , trading , ticket reservation, internet access. This application once added in your device allows secure subscriber authentication. We help in delivering the incredible solutions for Smart Card Application Software. Our developers are efficient enough the cross links the technology to fulfill the unique need of the users.

We are known for our ability to come up with the best solution regardless the complexity. As we prefer to be as simple as possible. We understand the business goal of our client and involve them in each and every progress. And thus by eliminating the communication we always deliver the expectation of the client. Our unusual work methodology has given us an excellent track record with no failed or cancelled project. The immense experience of the domain helps us to deliver excellent services and products to our customers. Resources of our organization posses a wide spectrum of knowledge and we follow strict measures to choose the best building blocks for our organization.

At Expand Infotech we follow strict quality standards which enable us to deliver quality outcome. And because of this we are among the most reliable consultant across the globe.